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Hello, dear friends. I hope you’re doing well these days. After a long time, I’ve come up with another exciting blog post about free premium account cookies. Are you searching the internet for the AnswerThePublic premium account for free? Yes! Then, you’ve landed on the right blog post. In this blog post, I will share the AnswerThePublic pro account cookies for free.

Remember, EduTecHack’s shared AnswerThePublic pro account cookies are free, 100% working, daily updated, and safe to use. People who can’t afford the price of AnswerThePublic premium can use EduTecHack’s shared AnswerThePublic premium account cookies for education and learning purposes, not for commercial use.

Basic information about AnswerThePublic

AnswerThePublic is a tool for getting instant, raw search insights directly from your customers’ minds. It listens to autocomplete data from search engines such as Google and rapidly generates every relevant phrase and question people ask about your keyword. It’s a wealth of customer insights that can be used to create new, beneficial content, products, and services—the kind your customers want.

Features of AnswerThePublic

  • Monitor and be alerted to new suggestions.
  • Compare the statistics over time.
  • Create folders to organize your study.
  • Export your results to CSV.
  • Export high-resolution photos to demonstrate your insights.
  • Education and training bundle of $447.

AnswerThePublic plans and pricing

AnswerThePublic comes with 3 plans: Individual, Pro and Expert. Each plan comes with different pricing, features, and a 7-day free trial. The Individual plan comes with $5/month, the Pro plan comes with $49/month, and the Expert plan comes with $99/month.

Please visit AnswerThePublic pricing to learn more about the plans and pricing.

How to get a AnswerThePublic pro account for free?

There are two ways to get a AnswerThePublic premium account for free in 2024. To get the premium account for free of AnswerThePublic, you’ll need to use AnswerThePublic premium account cookies that are 100% working and the AnswerThePublic 7-day free trial option. You know, I’m going to share AnswerThePublic premium account cookies here. You can use the shared cookies for the premium one for free. Remember, EduTecHack’s shared premium cookies are 100% working, clean, daily updated, and just for education and learning purposes, not for commercial use.

Let me discuss how you can get an AnswerThePublic premium account using EduTecHack’s shared premium cookies.

How to use AnswerThePublic pro account cookies?

Here is a detailed guide on using the AnswerThePublic premium cookies.

  • Install “Cookie-Editor” from the Chrome web store on your browser extension section.
  • Open the AnswerThePublic homepage and “delete all” cookies using the cookie editor.
  • Copy the AnswerThePublic cookies from below👇👇.
  • Now go to the AnswerThePublic homepage again, open the cookie editor, click on import, paste the copied cookies, click on import again, and refresh the page.

And boom! You’ll get an AnswerThePublic premium account using the shared Shutterstock premium cookies.

AnswerThePublic premium account cookies

Cookies Status
Last Update
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AnswerThePublic Cookies
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Note: If cookies are not working or expired, please comment below or message us on our Telegram.

Is AnswerThePublic Pro cookies safe to use?

Yes, EduTecHack’s shared AnswerThePublic Pro cookies are safe to use. They won’t collect data from your browser and help you access the AnswerThePublic premium account.


We hope this free AnswerThePublic PRO account cookies blog post is beneficial, helpful, and informative. In the coming days, we will share more practical, helpful, and informative blog posts about premium cookies, digital marketing tools, tips, and tricks. Please stay connected with EduTecHack.

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