Best SEO Tools PHP Scripts to Make Money Online 2024

Hello dear friends. We hope you are doing well. Have you landed this blog post by looking at the title? Yes. Then you heard the right thing. You will be excited to know about tips and tricks to make money online. Today, in this blog post, we will share my personal experience and a detailed guide about the best and most popular 2 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools and PHP scripts. You can make money online using these SEO tools PHP scripts, even while you are sleeping. So, don’t waste time and jump into the blog post for the next 10 minutes.

What is the SEO tool PHP script?

In short, an SEO tool is an analysis tool that can help digital marketers, bloggers, SEOs, website owners, and more internet users by offering extensive SEO reports and statistics that are useful for website analysis.

This SEO tool PHP script gives SEO tools for analyzing, measuring, and monitoring website performance, hence improving website presence in search engines. It supports multi-language, allowing you to easily select the chosen language with a few clicks.

How to make money through SEO tools PHP scripts?

As of November 2022, there are estimated to be about 2 billion websites on the Internet. If you are a regular internet user, you might know about the SmallSeoTools. Do you imagine how they make money through their website? The SmallSeoTools website offers SEO tools that are very helpful to digital marketers, bloggers, SEOs, website owners, and more internet users. So you can imagine the number of users of their SEO tools.

The SmallSeoTools website monetizes those SEO tools users and makes money through these monetization platforms Google Adsense and affiliates platforms like Shareasale. You can create like the SmallSeoTools website and earn money from your SEO tools website.

Best 2 SEO tools PHP scripts

To earn money online through Adsense and affiliates, you need to build an SEO tools website using the SEO tools PHP script. And now, I’m going to share the most popular and best 2 SEO tools PHP scripts, to help you build an SEO tools website.

AtoZ SEO Tools

AtoZ SEO tools is an excellent Search Engine Optimization tools PHP script that offers a bundle of 50 SEO tools to track SEO issues, content analyzing for keywords on-site links, improve a website’s visibility in search engines, and more.

Main features of AtoZ SEO tools:

  • User management system.
  • Track visitor traffic and input queries.
    One-click ads integration.
  • Oauth login system included (Twitter, Google, and Facebook).
  • Easy maintenance mode.
  • SEO-friendly URLs.
  • Google analytics support.
  • Sitemap generator.
  • Translatable to any language.
  • Captcha protection system.
  • Responsive design.
  • Theme customization and custom-coded themes.
  • Support SMTP and Native PHP mail.
  • Unlimited custom pages.
  • Easy installer panel.
  • Powerful admin control panel.

List of SEO tools:

  • Meta tag generator.
  • Meta tags analyzer.
  • Link analyzer.
  • Article rewriter.
  • Backlink maker.
  • Domain into IP.
  • Domain age checker.
  • Server status checker.
  • Backlink checker.
  • Whois checker.
  • Reverse IP domain checker
  • Blacklist lookup.
  • www Redirect checker.
  • Online ping website tool.
  • XML sitemap generator.
  • Mozrank checker.
  • Keyword position checker.
  • Keywords suggestion tool.
  • URL encoder and decoder.
  • Google page speed insights checker.
  • Page speed checker.
  • Google index checker.
  • Google cache checker.
  • Domain authority checker.
  • Google malware checker.
  • Suspicious domain checker.
  • Domain hosting checker.
  • Broken links finder.
  • Find DNS records.
  • What is my browser checker.
  • Page authority checker.
  • Get the source code of a webpage.
  • Bulk GEO IP Locator (Free Addon).
  • Link price calculator.
  • Plagiarism checker.
  • Website links count checker.
  • URL rewriting tool.
  • Keyword density checker.
  • Website screenshot generator.
  • Alexa rank checker.
  • Terms & conditions generator (Free Addon).
  • Email privacy.
  • Robots.txt generator.
  • QR code decoder (Free Addon).
  • Word counter.
  • Page size checker.
  • Image placeholder generator (Free Addon).
  • Htaccess redirect generator (Free Addon).
  • Privacy policy generator (Free Addon).
  • My IP address finder.
  • Class C Ip checker.
  • Color picker tool (Free Addon).
  • RGB to Hex (Free Addon).
  • HEX to RGB (Free Addon).
  • Code-to-text ratio checker.
  • Webpage screen resolution simulator.
  • Search engine spider simulator.
  • Online Md5 generator.
  • IFSC code to bank details (Free Addon).
  • Bank to IFSC code (Free Addon).
  • YouTube thumbnail downloader (Free Addon).

AtoZ SEO tools live demo & pricing

If you are looking for the AtoZ SEO tools PHP script future updates or any further technical support, please purchase the PHP script from the original author.

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SumoSEOTools is also a great SEO script that offers 50+ online SEO tools to measure, analyze, and monitor website performance, and help improve website visibility in search engines.

Main Features of SumoSEOTools:

  • Modern Design.
  • SEO Friendly.
  • Bootstrap v5.
  • Admin Dashboard Ready.
  • Google Adsense Approved Friendly.
  • Light / Dark Mode.
  • Link Redirect Support.
  • Google Adsense Approved.
  • Developer Friendly.
  • Free Google Fonts.
  • Social Media Ready.
  • Automatic Sitemap.
  • One Click Demo Data Import.
  • Maintenance Mode Support.
  • Automatic Language Detection Support.
  • 100% Responsive.
  • GDPR Compliant.
  • Unlimited Typography Options.
  • Easily Add Any New Language With One Click.
  • Fast, Lightweight & Powerful.
  • LTR / RTL Support.
  • Unlimited Font Awesome.
  • Adblock Detection Support.
  • Well Commented Code.
  • Easily Customizable.
  • Easily Customizable from Admin Dashboard.
  • Browser Compatibility.
  • Online Documentation.
  • Free Updates.
  • Multi-language Support.
  • Premium Support.

List of SEO tools:

  • Keyword Density Checker.
  • Keywords Suggestion Tool.
  • Robots.txt Generator.
  • Page Size Checker.
  • Hosting Checker.
  • HTTP Status Code Checker.
  • Meta Tag Generator.
  • Server Status Checker.
  • What Is My Screen Resolution.
  • Htaccess Redirect Generator.
  • What Is My Browser.
  • Meta Tags Analyzer.
  • Open Graph Checker.
  • Credit Card Validator.
  • What Is My User Agent.
  • Get HTTP Headers.
  • Open Graph Generator.
  • Domain to IP.
  • Twitter Card Generator.
  • Screen Resolution Simulator.
  • URL Opener.
  • Credit Card Generator.
  • WordPress Theme Detector.
  • Adsense Calculator.
  • Alexa Rank Checker.
  • Moz Rank Checker.
  • Google Cache Checker.
  • Page Authority Checker.
  • Domain Age Checker.
  • Domain Authority Checker.
  • DA PA Checker.
  • Whois Domain Lookup.
  • Google Index Checker.
  • Backlink Checker.
  • URL Rewriting Tool.
  • Article Rewriter.
  • YouTube Trend.
  • YouTube Embed Code Generator.
  • YouTube Channel Search.
  • YouTube Tag Extractor.
  • YouTube Hashtag Extractor.
  • YouTube Channel Logo Downloader.
  • YouTube Title Extractor.
  • YouTube Channel Statistics.
  • YouTube Title Generator.
  • YouTube Description Generator.
  • YouTube Channel ID.
  • YouTube Hashtag Generator.
  • YouTube Description Extractor.
  • YouTube Video Statistics.
  • YouTube Region Restriction Checker.
  • YouTube Channel Banner Downloader.
  • YouTube Tag Generator.
  • YouTube Money Calculator.

SumoSEOTools live demo & pricing

Please purchase the SEO tools PHP scripts from the original author if you are looking for the SumoSEOTools PHP script for future updates or any further technical support.

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We hope this blog post, “best SEO tools PHP scripts to make money online,” is a very helpful and informative blog post for you. By reading this, you’ll clearly understand how to make money through these PHP scripts, even while sleeping. We will share these more helpful and informative blog posts in the coming days. Stay connected with EduTecHack.

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