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Hello dear friends, hope you’re doing well. Are you looking for the WP Safelink WordPress plugin premium license key for free? Yes! then you’ve landed on the right blog post. The plugin comes with an unlimited domain license with full and pro version uses. So, in this blog post, we’re going to share our personally purchased WP Safelink v4.4.4 server version license key and client version for free with you. People who can’t afford the price of WP Safelink can use our shared plugin just for education and learning purposes.

What is WP SafeLink WordPress plugin?

WP Safelink WordPress plugin is a great solution-able plugin that converts your download link to your AdSense blog. This is a permanent solution-able way for software downloads, movie downloads, and other downloadable website owners to monetize their downloadable traffic to your AdSense blog.

WP Safelink features:

  • Google redirects for the targeted audience. Which leverages the power of Google’s search engine to send targeted visitors to your website.
  • Multiple pages for increased page visits help you to skyrocket your website’s metrics.
  • Anti proxy/VPN for enhanced AdSense security to safeguard your AdSense account from fraudulent activities.
  • Auto-generate link option that helps you to generate all external links to your AdSense blog.
  • Manual generate link option that helps you to develop your specific links to your AdSense blog or on your downloadable blog.
  • Three types of permalink that can help display more perfect Adsense ads running.
  • New short & long generate links options can generate short and long permalinks that look more professional.
  • Counter view & click feature that counts your downloadable traffic’s link views and clicks.
  • Anti-ad blocker features help you to produce an excellent CTR value on your AdSense blog.
  • A new unlimited redirect page loop can help you redirect into another WP safelink website with easy steps.
  • The new WP Safelink client version integrates your downloadable blog into your AdSense blog.
  • Adlinkly integration feature so that you can earn money together using the Adsense to your short link Adlinkfly.
  • Premium-looking templates and captcha verification that help to boost up your AdSense earnings.

Is WP Safelink safe for AdSense?

Actually, it’s safe for someone and risky for someone. It depends on how you use the WP Safelink plugin for your AdSense blog. Nowadays most bloggers are using this method for their movies, software, etc. downloading websites. In another hand, most bloggers are safely using the plugin.

Did you mark that your redirecting traffic is referred to as referring traffic in Google Analytics? And only referring traffic on the AdSense blog it’s totally harmful to your AdSense account. AdSense may penalize you like the ad serving limit or even ban your AdSense account after some time.

On the other hand, most bloggers are focused on organic traffic from Google searches. Also, they use the WP Safelink plugin for their AdSense blog to get some referring traffic and maximize earnings. We hope so, their AdSense account never gets an ad-serving limit or is not got banned. Also, there is an update on this plugin which the WP safelink PRO version comes with Google Redirect. So that all visitors visit your blog from Google search.

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WP Safelink premium plugin demo & buy link

WP Safelink WordPress plugin provided by Themeson. If you want, you can purchase the plugin from Themeson FULL version just for $15/yr and the PRO version comes for $30/yr. Use the coupon code “EDUTECHACK” to get a 30% discount on every themeson products.

Buy link: https://themeson.com/safelink/


Is WP Safelink plugin GPL?

In EduTecHack, we always share clean and unmodified GPL themes/plugins with you. But here we’re going to share the WP safelink plugin with a 100% premium license key for free. You can use this plugin with PRO benefits. For security reasons, you may check the GPL plugin file on VirusTotal.

WP Safelink plugin license key for free and installation guide

Here we’re going to share the WP Safelink plugin server v4.4.4 premium license key and client version for free and it’s only for educational purposes. So don’t misuse the license key and if you want any kind of technical support, please purchase the plugin from the original author. This will help them financially for further development as well.

  • Step 1 – Download the WP Safelink server v4.4.4 and client version plugin from the below mega link.
  • Step 2 – Simply go to your WordPress dashboard and click Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin -> Choose File (Now open the downloadable folder and choose only the WP Safelink Server.zip file) -> Install Now.
  • Step 3 – Once the WP Safelink server version plugin is installed successfully, you to activate the plugin and activate the license key.

WP Safelink WordPress plugin license key

License key 1: 7efe4b0d0d2ac62c5b99642dc0820
License key 2: d1800931a65d96e32fce91b1e2599

Important Notice: As much as we’re sharing the WP Safelink plugin’s premium license key. People who can’t afford the plugin price can use this plugin and license key for education and learning purposes.

WP Safelink v4.4.4 - https://mega.nz/file/wrFCGZQL#RkucNXL9tUybfhDMrdwhEt5fMY9tcDtbpHL_jo2spYc
WP Safelink Client v1.0.4 - https://mega.nz/file/ImsBxZIZ#nkrtKthbqSHpqV5rnEebfnw4DVu_qDTWK-3-FFixah8


We hope this blog post WP Safelink WordPress plugin and premium license key with client version plugin for free is very helpful to you. Now you can use this safelink plugin to make money through your downloadable blog to your AdSense blog. In the coming days, we will share this kind of helpful WordPress theme and plugins with you for free and you can use them for educational purposes.

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